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Am I back? I am!

Good golly, Miss Molly! I've been gone forever. Is anyone still reading this thing?

Hopefully I haven't lost you all. Give me a holla!

Finally, the Snap has returned. Thanks to anyone who waited for me to get 'em rolling again!

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Life Snippets

I spent years being afraid to wear socks to bed.

Often, grownups say things to kids without having any idea of what their vivid little imaginations will make of it — one of the many little quirks in the grownup-kid dynamic that I’ve always found fascinating, but it can have consequences.

I remember being very young — maybe four or five — and getting ready for bed in our little house in Cleveland. It was winter, and unforgiving cold, as winters in Ohio always are, and as I got into my jammies for the night I told my mother that my feet were cold and I wanted to wear my socks to bed. She replied that my feet would warm up, but that people don’t wear socks to bed.

“Why not?” I asked.

My mother then said, “They’ll make your feet all slimy.”

Let’s think about that for a moment. Clearly, a grown person can hear that statement and imagine that my mother — whose first language is German, by the way, so let us be generous — meant to describe sweaty, sticky feet, which can be the tragic result of overwarmth, sure. My parents, as I recall, always talked to my sister and myself as they would talk to anyone, and never watered their language down with the assumption that we wouldn’t understand.

Now imagine that statement running around the brain of a four year old girl — and one, if any of you know me at all, you can imagine, with a penchant for tall tales, monsters, crazy stories and Godzilla toys — and it becomes an entirely different statement. I was plagued by images of pulling off my sock come morning to find, instead of a foot, a purple, slime-oozing tentacle at the end of my leg. I was always tempted to try it, but never had the guts.

As I got older, the superstition stayed with me. You never wear your socks to bed or your feet will get slimy. Even when I reached my twenties, though I knew there was no chance of turning myself into some Lovecraftian horror overnight simply by wearing socks, it still never occurred to me that my mother might have just said what she said without really thinking about it, and that there was no reason I should continue to let my frosty little icicle toes stay cold all night long.

It’s only been this past year, living up on the mountain where it gets pretty chilly at night (chilly for Hawaii, anyway, and I’m a freezebaby, so I need a damn quilt) that I finally took that risk and wore some socks to bed for the first time.

Kit's Bitchin' Kitchen: Suck It, 2011

BE WARN'D: Massive amounts of whining ahead. Read on, only if you're strong of constitution.

Suck It, 2011

I’m ready for next year. It’s time for this absolute shitstorm of a year to be over. I’m generally a happy human being, full of rainbows and strawberries and free pony rides, constantly trying to see the brightness in each situation, and I’d like to think that I took the majority of this year’s knocks with dignity and optimism. Now that 2011 is nearing its end and showing no sign whatever of slowing its path of fiery torture and mayhem, I’m saying FUCK YOU, year, I will watch you die with the grim satisfaction of one who has been bent over by you for twelve long, suck-ass months, and payback, she’s a bitch.

Let’s skip for just a moment all the shitty and horrible things that have happened to better and more important people than myself this year -- the peaceful protesters who were savagely beaten and sprayed full in the face with toxic chemicals for doing nothing worse than sitting down or standing in a line, as a random example, or the continuing world hunger, because all of that is obviously on a completely different level than my piddling concerns, but still -- and I’ll just give you a list of what went wrong for me since 2011 was a bouncing baby.

* First month of the year, I received notice that Medicaid was cutting my benefits for not having sent them a form that they never asked for. When I tried to clear this up with them, they said “whoops! Too late, you have to reapply. It’ll take 60 days.” By then, my medication, which I need, would run out. They replied that this was a shame.

* When I finally got my application through their process, my application was denied. They explained that my employer had me working more than part-time, and so I was entitled to benefits though her, and so Medicaid wouldn’t cover me. I tried to explain that my boss was a cheapskate and would never cover me, but their only advice was to report her.

* Next, I told my boss the situation. She kindly offered to cut my hours. When I said no thanks, she offered to get me insurance (which she was legally obligated to do anyway) but only if I would work for up to 20 extra hours a month without pay. When I pointed out that this was illegal and unethical, she cut my hours anyway.

* Then she fired me for applying for a second job.

* Getting fired wasn’t like getting fired from a regular job, by the way. I worked with families, children, who I’d known almost three years. I helped bring up some of these kids, I was there when some of them crawled for the first time, walked for the first time, I taught most of them how to hold a paintbrush, I hugged them goodbye every day, I taught them my name until they remembered it every week, I saw some turn from waddling little bean babies into little people who could tell me their thoughts and opinions. Then I got fired and I wasn’t there for them, no goodbye, no hug, no explanation. The evil boss who demanded my keys on my last day told everyone I had just left them, and said no more by way of explanation. Losing my families was losing a part of my heart, and it still hurts. Many of them, I heard, quit the program when they heard I was gone, out of loyalty to me, but it doesn’t help. That part of my life ended, not by my choice, and it felt simply awful.

* I spent four months looking for a job. It may not sound like much, but four months of scouring Craig’s List and every other job site out there, walking up and down every shopping center in central O’ahu, and spending most days at home in a full, blinding panic, just trying to scrape the rent and electric together, is torture.

* During those four months, I started taking commissions, both online and locally. Online work was great. My one and only local job was a pain. This lady wanted me to paint her husband’s surfboard with a Hawaii tiki theme and make a clay tiki hut on one side of it. I told her the clay I used, being air-drying, would crack a little, and she said okay. She was fussy and demanding the whole time, hounding me for progress photos and updates constantly, and dragging her feet over paying me part in advance. She refused to pick up the board when I finished it, so I had to deliver it, and though she liked it when she saw it, she immediately sent me an email bitching about the clay hut, saying she didn’t like it and didn’t know it would crack like that. She fought with me on it, claiming she wanted a refund, wanted me to re-do it, wanted me to pay her more than she originally paid me to have another crafter fix it, and eventually threatened to take me to court. The whole process had me wanting to throw up day and night. I held my ground, refusing to give her a refund or pay for her crafter, and eventually she stopped writing to me.

* Then, because I needed more excellent shit to happen to me, my car started acting up. It was overheating like crazy, and then when that magically stopped being a problem, the check engine light started blinking at all times and the car would vibrate and smell like petrol. It would stall out and barely make it into Haleiwa. Every day I just prayed it would make it up the steep, twisty hill to my house. I still had no insurance, no job and no money.

* Eventually, I was accepted at this amazing little coffee house down the road from where I lived. It was perfect for me in every way -- the people who worked there were great, if just a little too hip and attractive for me to be seen with, the music they played was all motown and soul, the atmosphere was happy and healthy and friendly, and of course it was close enough to where I lived that even my busted ass car could get me there. They were going to begin my official training in a few days. It was then that I got a call from another job, an organization called PACT, which dealt with children and parents who needed caseworkers to make sure they were taking care of them properly. PACT wanted to place me in a day care center as a caseworker for a small group of kids, but in order to get this job, I had to do a mountain of paperwork, fingerprinting, doctor’s visits, TB testing and running all over town, all of which would conflict with my training schedule for my coffee shop job. The PACT people suggested I choose which job was more important to me to keep. It was with a really heavy heart that I quit the super fun, cool, enjoyable job I really wanted, in order to get the paperwork ready for the more serious, be-uniformed, bureaucratic job I didn’t really want.

* For three weeks, the people of PACT had me running all over the island for this job that they hadn’t officially hired me for. I had to pull strings to bump up the date of my driver’s license test so I could have it in time for them. I had to make my sister drive me all over the island because my car wouldn’t make it to town, where PACT kept insisting I had to go to pick up paperwork. I had to fill out packet after packet of papers and turn them in at offices on opposite ends of the island from where I picked them up. I had to pay out twenty bucks to get fingerprinted by the FBI. I had to pay more to go to Wahiawa and get a tuberculosis test. I had to get up early and drive out to the airport to have a humiliating physical. All this running around for them, on no money, all for the promise of a job.

On the day my job was meant to begin, they instructed me to first go out to Honolulu to check in at this office, then drive out an hour and a half to a different office to begin work. I went to Honolulu as ordered, and just to be sure, I asked the lady behind the desk if this was, for certain, where I was supposed to be that day. She said yes, everything should be fine. I went on my way to office number two, but when I called them from the road to get better directions, the boss was snuffling at me in that passive-aggressive way certain older ladies tend to do when they’re too chicken to really be as mad as they want to be. She informed me that I hadn’t shown up at the office I was supposed to go to that morning. As such, I was marked as a “no show” for my first day of work, and was subsequently fired before I’d even started. I tried to explain what happened, that no one had even specified what door number I was supposed to go to, but she insisted that I should have just instinctively known that I was in the wrong place, in spite of the fact that the lady I spoke with told me I was in the right one. I was, once again, jobless. I cried for four days.

* By then, the coffee shop had already hired someone new, and had no room for me.

* After I got a great job, with great coworkers, it seemed like things would level out. That’s when the car finally quit on me. Because I am irresponsible and broke, it has no registration or safety check, so the best I can do is donate it to a charity, which one of my neighbors runs. However, due to my complete ignorance in the buying of cars and how such things work, I never got the title officially transferred over to my name which will now cost me $260-some dollars, all so I can just donate the car to charity.

* The same week I discovered this, I also discovered that -- while I always make it a point to keep up with my bank account and what’s inside it -- I had gone over my limit without knowing it. My card had never been declined because my bank had signed me up for a program allowing such a thing to happen. I had only made small purchases -- three dollars here, five dollars there -- but for every purchase that was over the limit, I had a thirty dollar fee to pay. It wound up that for about $30 in actual purchases, I had about $185 in fees.

* And then I was forced to get on a scale.

So it’s clear that 2011 has been bad news from beginning to the very very end. I will happily acknowledge that many good things happened this year as well: I got a job I like with coworkers I love. I was miraculously rescued from having no car by a generous friend who is loaning me her car until I can afford to buy it from her. I was saved from complete destitution during my months of unemployment by my awesome friends and some awesome folks who bought my art or just donated some money, and by my fantastic family and boyfriend who bailed me out time and again while not even allowing me to feel humiliated by it. I also got to be with my people, the people I love, who have quite literally kept me sane this year, who helped me when I felt like the pieces of my brain where scattering everywhere -- we had good times and will continue to do so, and we’re all healthy and together.

I think the nasty forces of bad luck were battled back this year by the fabulous people I know, and in that way, I’ve been very, very lucky.

So goodbye, 2011, you filthy old twat. Let’s never do this again.

Christmas girfts, both made and gotten!

Thought I’d post of a few photos of things I made for people this year! It wasn’t a huge crafty year for me, but I did a fair amount of work making things with what time I had.
Craftiness and other fun things!Collapse )

Happy Christmakwanzukkah!

Have a rerun for the holidays from my favorite yuletide monster! Hope everyone's holidays of every kind are merry and bright, full of good food and good company.

The great escape

You know that joke about everyone enjoying their handmade Christmas gifts just as much come January? I've been thinking about that a lot lately. As I scramble.

One less thing I'll have to worry about every week...

I'm now going on a little break from Snap Crackle Pop. It's not forever, mind you (unless no one notices I'm gone...) but I need a few months off to get my other projects in order and finish up my commissions. I have to try to work on some things that I might actually get published one day, long shot though that is, and I'll never be able to do it if I'm constantly worried about getting a comic in on time. Hopefully I'll be able to get organized soon and then I can return to your regularly scheduled programming, but until then, I'm on the lamb from Finn and Bacon.

But no worries! I can't leave this thing forever. Not even if I wanted to.

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Answers to your Snap Ask!

Last week I opened up questions to all the characters of Snap Crackle Pop, not just here on LJ, but also on my Tumblr, DeviantArt and official SCP website! The response was bigger than I expected and the guys had fun being interviewed. Here are your answers, folks! Grab a a cocoa and enjoy, it's a long one!

foreverstrange: I want to know what Stephen does in his spare time?
STEPHEN: How thoughtful of you to ask! I spend much of my time in quiet meditation. A useful zen practice is to breathe in all the bad energy of the universe and then to breathe out all the good, clean feelings I can produce. I like to study the teachings of the Dalai Lama, a most compassionate and marvelous individual. And, of course, I dance like a fiend.
KIT: He does. It’s like Breakin’ 2: Electric Boogaloo up in here.

Abiogenisis: What percentage of that character is actually you?
KIT: Oh, 100%, for sure. This is no joke. The comic was started as a way for me to vent my spleen, so to say, and be a total egotist at the same time, and all the other fun crazy characters just started showing up for some reason along the way. Now they won’t leave. But the comic me is all me, except that I may be a little uglier in real life. Can’t be too candid.

DoctorMo: Where do you sleep?
FINN: Kit tells me to sleep on the couch but I always creep up on the foot of her bed by her feet. Her cat is there. She doesn’t like me. We fight over bed space sometimes. Kit’s feet are warm. I’m a dragon, so I should always win, but Suki... there’s something about her... she gets scary. So I made a hidey-hole in Kit’s closet.
BACON: The idiot tends to forget that we’re beings of supernatural power. I opened up a wormhole to the Hilton.
STEPHEN: I have a lovely temple in my tank.
RANDALL: Mordak, you and I sleep on the windowsill. You remember? When it’s night-night time? Remember, Mordak? I get Blankie for you. Remember? And I get out Mr. Stuffy. We sleep there, Mordak, remember? On the windowsill. That’s where we sleep. I’m sure we’ve been through this.
MORDAK: Silence, brother.

inulover1993: Did Kit ever notice that Finn took all of the bunches out of her cereal?
FINN: Demonology is a subtle art. I’m sure many of you cereal-earting humanoids have long suspected doings of a similar nature.
KIT: He did WHAT? I KNEW it!

OnlyThen: Will Finn ever find a lady demon/fall in love with someone?
FINN: There’s a girl I’ve had my eye on for many years, but that’s... not gonna happen. Somewhere out there, there’s a girl for me. Somewhere, one day...
BACON: You start singing, I’ll punch you in the neck.

ElectricGecko: So are you really canning the strip? If so, how can we stop you?
KIT: Look, kittens in cups!

KIWIGIRL1: Will Finn ever achieve his dream?
FINN: Sadly, I don’t think they make Hammer pants in my size anymore...

pump-kin-pie: What do the little buggers do other than bugging the main character?
FINN: Do? There are other things to do?
BACON: Shut up. You eat chips and watch Discovery Channel. Kit makes you stick to edutainment.
FINN: She says other TV has swears!
BACON: Dude... oh dude...

gingerhaole: I badly need to know Finn’s full name. Bacon’s too, if he has one, but I KNOW Finn has one. Also, where does Kit put all the house imps she has to shoo out of the kitchen?
FINN: My mom named me after my unfortunate uncle, who I messily devoured upon the event of my hatching. My full name is Phinneas Wormwood Bojangles Beowolf Smith.
BACON: Smith?
FINN: It’s a family name!
BACON: Yeah, anyway. I was named after meat.
KIT: You were not. I thought your name was Philip or something.
BACON: Are you fielding this one? I don’t think so! Moving on!
KIT: Sooo... My house imps usually get skooshed with a paper towel and flushed if they’re the small kind, y’know? But I have to admit, I feel bad for them. I mean sure, they’re gross, but I try not to kill them. I also have this empty peanut jar. I’ll try to catch them in that if I can and then just put them outside, but if their little hands get on me, oh man, it’s all over. Cootie dance to the max.

fenmere: How well does your boyfriend enjoy being in the comic? What does he think of the way you draw him?
KIT: Weeelll, technically, it’s not The Boyfriend in the comic strip. Adam is a character that’s got some qualities that are similar to The Boyfriend, but he’s very different. I did it that way deliberately because I wanted someone like my boyfriend in the comic, but not the exact same guy. He’s rather camera shy, and I’ve had bad experiences in the past with including friends in my comic, so it’s better to just make characters. Adam is similar in a lot of ways -- he’s a bit nerdy, he’s into comics and Trek and all the good stuff, but he’s also quite sure of himself, he’s not afraid to talk to girls and say how he feels, and that’s a quality that’s rather unique. Also he can put up with the strange monsters without raising a brow. We haven’t quite figured out why that is yet. Might be the boy’s not right.

muffinpoodle: How long have you been doing the strip now? How long does it take you to finish a strip? What do you do when you get stuck for inspiration or motivation?
KIT: Golly, it’s been (wow, I went and looked it up!) since November 24th, 2006! So five years, now. Gad, that’s a depressing long time. I usually spread out my work on a strip over a few days since I do other things in between -- I spend an hour or so penciling it, a few hours of inking and a few more hours on the grayscaling. It’s all quite boring, but done by hand, so it takes longer. The truth is, I’m never really stuck for inspiration because crazy things are always happening to me and so I can always find a way to stick it in the strip. Either I have a issue I want to talk about and try to make funny -- like body images or fear of creepy crawlies -- or actual funny stuff happens in my life and I think, this would work in the strip. I have a notebook crammed with ideas and my biggest fear is that I’ll honestly never run out of them.

Scarfia: What is Mordak up to? Any evil schemes?
MORDAK: FEAR ME, puling mortal of annoying largeness, for I am ever scheming! Do not be lulled by my diminutive stature, for I have plots galore, GALORE I SAY! Only the other day I was showing Randall a brilliant invention that would have annihilated every iPhone on the planet, thus bringing Earth to a BLISTERING STANDSTILL! Had he not spilled his cocoa on it... well.... DO NOT PESTER ME NOW, HUMAN!

Scarfia: Will Finn ever realize his dream of churning butter?
FINN: I... I don’t know how you know about that... Look, don’t tell my mom, okay? The family is obligated to feed weaker dragons to the hatchlings and... well, this kind of thing would break her heart. Let’s just say I sometimes just stir Kit’s Country Crock with a spoon when she’s not looking. It helps.

LuneLeclercVallois: How do you manage with your personal demons?
KIT: It’s a struggle, for sure. It’s like living with really needy cats. Every day it’s a battle to ignore their bad advice and remind myself that it’s actually NOT okay to throw things at the kids outside, that I actually DO need to pay my bills, that kind of thing. Lucky for me, they’re really lazy demons, and they spend most of the day just raiding my fridge and watching Julie Andrews flicks.
FINN: Do not! Take that back!

MimiLynch: What do personal demons do on their days off?
BACON: Smuggle Cuban cigars.
FINN: Fact is, demons don’t really get days off. We have to be ready at all times, poised like a panther, ready to strike. Evil never sleeps.
BACON: You’re like a cat, you sleep constantly.
KIT: Yeah, on all my sweaters, too.

veddabredda: To duck: Are you friends with the Duck Man from Terry Pratchett's Discworld universe?
DUCK: Quack.
KIT: I’ll translate for Duck. “I’ve never met the man, though he sounds quite the character. I’ll be reading my first Pratchett book this weekend and do so hope to encounter him!”

SinfulDeviant: I wanted to ask Adam a question; Do you like your girls curvy, if so call me!
ADAM: I do like them curvy! Frankly, I like them curvy, skinny, pale, dark, befreckled, any way at all as long as they read, think and are nice. And I may call you, since Kit has made it clear she’s a dead end.

smolderingremains: To Mordak: what's your kinkiest fantasy?

Lucasgelati: Trains?
FINN: Sure, I love trains! I... what?
BACON: D’yeah, I don’t get it.
MORDAK: It is a trick!

Roxanna Fortenberry: Will Finn ever get a girlfriend?
BACON: You mean outside of a dirty massage parlor?
FINN: Hey! Well Roxanna, I think the right girl is out there for me somewhere. It’s a full-time job, being a demon, of course, but once I’ve tucked a few souls away, I can see myself one day coming home to someone who’d cook for me... massage my feet... but this wild horse can never be totally tamed.
BACON: Hey Wild Horse, that reminds me, I borrowed your copy of Tits Ahoy.
FINN: Aw dude...

Roxanna Fortenberry: Where in Hawaii do you live anyways?
KIT: The cold part, currently. I live on the island of O’ahu, up on the north shore, the very country, surfer side of the island. I have a little shack (often overrun with bugs and beasties) which I love, but I still find it freezing because, having lived here for six and a half years, I’ve turned into a total baby.

Roxanna Fortenberry: What other comics are you wanting to work on? Will you ever take guest comics? What is your favorite comic?
KIT: I have several different plans for books, actually. A few illustrated picture books for children, and a few graphic novels. Many of these include pirates, monsters, bad poetry and heroic young folk, in my own whimsical and ridiculous style, and I hope that it translates into something vaguely publishable in the future. I’ve taken guest comics for SCP from :icon:The-Savage-Ape-Man before, who does great work in a style completely different to mine so it’s refreshing to see, but I have a very personal relationship to SCP so I would have to know and trust the guest artist completely, and understand their style, before I submitted any guest comic as a part of my regular lineup, though folks are ALWAYS welcome to do “fan art” as egomaniacal as that sounds! As to my favorite comic, I have a few that have always inspired me. Calvin and Hobbes, like many people, is the reason I’m here, and Bone by Jeff Smith completely changed my artistic life. It was Jeff Smith who turned me on to Walt Kelly’s Pogo, a fantastic vintage comic strip that I eat up just like candy. I also love Sherman’s Lagoon, Pearls Before Swine and Get Fuzzy. A great indie webcomic, of course, is my friend Isa’s Namesake,http://www.namesakecomic.com/ which, for fans of Oz, Alice in Wonderland, or anything good at all, is a treasure trove.

Roxanna Fortenberry: Hey Finn! For someone who has a crush on Kit, you sure are mean to her! WTF?
FINN: WHO TOLD YOU I HAVE A CRUSH ON HE––––err, Miss Fortenberry, you’re clearly confused. Perhaps you bumped your head. Or perhaps I should bump your head. Anyway, I have to be mean to Kit. Not only is she a ninny, and she deserves it, but it is one’s job. if one does not do one’s job, one loses it, and then one does not get to see one’s ninny ever again.
BACON: You are such a lurchburger.

secondlina: Why two demons? The traditional number is one or three. Also, why a winged pig?
BACON: Why a French Canadian? That’s like saying you’re a cheeseburger pizza, it’s like, pick one!
KIT: Bacon, if you don’t shut your piehole, it’s gonna be full of my fist. Anyway, I never actually gave much thought to the traditional number of demons because they just sort of appeared and stuck around. I hadn’t intended on having Bacon be a regular character when I introduced him, and he went away for a while, but came back when I introduced Finn. They worked so well together, it just seemed right. I guess Warburton kinda makes three, when he shows up, but for me, it was just an accident that the characters worked out the way they did. As to what Bacon is, his first appearance in the comic was a reference to Hell having frozen over and pigs flying, sure signs of the end of the world because I was in an unnatural happy relationship (all the more unnatural because I had invented the boy myself, and Bacon was there to make me destroy him... ah, the early days).

Dahlia-Mockery: Question for all the demons: what is your idea of the perfect woman?
FINN: Oh, someone uncomplicated. Someone sensitive and compassionate who enjoys the simple things like... corrupting the souls of the living... setting small creatures aflame with her breath... reading Pablo Neruda on a beach...
BACON: I like spanking. And big jugs. And naturally I prefer vegetarians or at least Kosher gals.

alexajaye: Finn: When will we see the softer side that keeps creeping in on occasion on a more permanent basis?
FINN: Sorry, babe. Doesn’t exist. I live on the edge, see? I’m a DRAGON, mujera, I breathe hot fuego! Yeah, that’s right. Know who my boss is? I can’t even say his name, that’s who my boss is. Ask Gotti’s people if they could say THAT. Softer side? I’m covered in red scales. I got armor on my armor. Smaug was a milksop pantywaist, homie.
BACON: You just made a Hobbit reference while sitting on your unicorn needlepoint.

Thanks for your questions, everyone! Hope you enjoyed the interview!

Dec. 13th, 2011

The holiday spirit is totally creeping up. It's getting to be time. I had the annual viewing of Muppet Christmas Carol with the sister and brother-unit and we were all just as enthralled with it, I think, as when we were kids. Yesterday The Boyfriend and I put up our decorations and he admitted that he hadn't really been in the mood when we started, but by the end of it -- with all the lights and the paper garland made by my friend and our tiny little tree with the plastic superhero ornaments and the old jazz Christmas tunes playing -- he was feeling the spirit. Me too.

I have a bunch of new things up at my shopand there's still plenty of time to snag something before Christmas if you see something you like! Nab it! Or tell me what you want and I'll try to quick whip it up!

Here, have a comic strip.

ALSO: Few more days left to get in your questions if you have any for the characters of Snap Crackle Pop. They, or I, will be answering any questions you have, no matter how silly or personal or just normal like "how do you like your eggs?" and the answers will be posted on Saturday. So if you have a question for me or Bacon or Finn or the duck or Mordak or whoever, send it in and I or they will try to answer it!

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Snap Ask

Just because I'm feeling totally egocentric:

Opening this up on Tumblr, DevArt and LJ, if you have any questions about any character in Snap Crackle Pop, ANY QUESTION AT ALL no matter how tiny, silly, squicky, wacko or bonkers it may be, ask it of me. I will attempt to answer it or have that character answer it by next week Saturday.

However, if that question is "are you really canning the strip?" I'll probably change the subject to fuzzy kitties or something.

Okay, go!

(Mis)adventure Time

I had an unexpectedly awesome day. I met up with a girl who I once did a commission for, and who I kept in touch with because she is totally awesome. She and her friends came to Hawaii from Florida and wanted to meet up for lunch. Being a total tool, I'm usually so awkward meeting new people that I dread doing it, but I forced myself to go and it was, of course, a lot of fun. They were all great girls, and we had a great time eating out of a shrimp truck, grabbing shave ice, going to Waimea beach and watching the impossibly huge waves and getting rained on like crazy. It was freezing and wet, but we still had a fun time.

I should step outside my comfort zone more often!

It's a new month, so I need votes more than ever! If you like my comic, you can vote for it here every single day if you like! No pressure. Nooooooo pressurrre.

Have your comic, ya lovely kiddos.

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